How Are We Coping With Disappointment?

  1. Meditating on prickly bear skin rug
  2. Pursuing dream from age 7 – deep fried snickers bar kiosk
  3. Distracting self with bleeding techniques
  4. Improving flexibility, kicking own ass
  5. Drowning sorrows in mayple syrup
  6. Screaming, flailing, flinging
  7. Befriending worm in tequila bottle
  8. Beating up ocean waves, symbolizing fight against tides of time
  9. Taking it out on telemarketers
  10. Face reality through lens of muscle relaxants


  1. Kel The Younger

    11. Via AIM:
    stressedguy: Dude, I’m so pissed!
    friend: Why?
    stressedguy: My job is crap. It doesn’t pay well and I work my tail off every day. And my classes blow too! The profs are *so* lame! To top it all off, my girlfriend and I might be breaking up, and blah blah blah, something something something, $%#^ #@^$#@$%
    friend signed off at 11:34:56 PM

    12. Taking it out on people who tailgate with SUVs (sawed off 12 useful here)

    13. Throwing Pacino quotes at those who have caused said disappointment:
    “Dr. M, I don’t care who you know, whose nephew you are, whose @#$% you’re sucking on…!”

    14. Reminding self that 99.99% of the world is *way* more screwed than we

    15. Reminding self that 0.0000000017% of the world is composed of people we call friend = we are not alone in our sorrows

    PS 10. was apparently my father’s favorite. Hard to hold a job when the longest sentence you can utter is less than two letters long. True story.

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