Ten Awkward Ways To Come Out Of The Closet

1. In a knock-knock joke
2. “I have this friend, it’s not me, who is gay. How should I, I mean she, tell all her friends?”
3. Grab same sex friend at crowded party; kiss them
4. During toast at wedding
5. I wanna take you to a GAY bar GAY bar GAY BAR
6. Write it on napkin, put in mother’s purse
7. Ask girlfriend’s if brother is single
8. Right before end of Intermission
9. Watch Queer Eye, hope someone takes hint
10. In blog



  1. Kel The Younger

    11. During sex with your “so the rest of the world thinks I’m straight” significant other

    12. In the locker room

    13. Offer to give a beej on first date, I mean while hanging out, with same sex friend

    14. via AIM
    gaykid: I want to tell you something
    friend: sure
    [friend gets up to use restroom]
    gaykid: I’m gay
    gaykid: …
    gaykid: Say something
    gaykid: WTF!? Now you’re not going to be my friend? You homophobic SOB! I’m calling your gf right now to tell her what you did with Sandra last week!

    15. While visiting a friend in Gilbert, AZ

  2. Erik


    Knock knock
    who’s there
    I am
    I am who?
    I am GAY! ::throwing arms out in a “Tadaa” gesture and holding it, eagerly awaiting a reaction::

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