P.S. I Don’t Love You Anymore

In light of how my past couple of posts and comments have been going, the rest of February is dedicated to Top 10 Lists, to which I hope my readers (faithful and otherwise) will contribute.

Top 10 Worst Ways to Break Up With Someone

1. Instant messenger

QT3.14159: I don’t know about us anymore
Stan4d4eva: What do you mean?
QT3.14159: I think we should break up
QT3.14159: Can we still be friends 😉
QT3.14159: OMG, this is so sad 😦 😦 😦
QT3.14159: gtg
QT3.14159: ttyl
Stan4d4eva: Can’t we talk about this?
AutoResponse from QT3.14159: I am away from my computer right now.

2. Over a cell phone

Jack: I don’t think this will work out
Jill: What?
Jack: I don’t think this will work out
Jill: The connection is bad, I’m inside the library
Jill: We can go to the gym tomorrow
Jill: Hello…. Jack? Hello?

3. During a family reunion
Grandma: How are you doing, honey?
Bryce: I’m great, this is my girlfriend Anna.
Anna: Actually, we’re not exclusive
Grandma: Beg your pardon, dear?
Anna: I’ve been seeing someone else.
Bryce: What do you … excuse us, Grandma Janis.

More to follow…



  1. Mars

    8. On a transatlantic flight, over Greenland
    9. Pass in on to your friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s friend’s classmate.
    10. At 4am, through a bullhorn

  2. Kel The Younger

    I can’t believe you screwed up the lyrics!!! Now I have to scribble out your note and rewrite it! :-p JK…

    I’m keeping the lyrics just as you wrote them. Anyone can quote something word for word, and such verbatim recasting has its place. But the mix-up you did is, well, yours. Only Marisa would have come up with that exact phrasing, so that’s much better than the original. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up anyhow. Hope DC was a blast!

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