NN: Life Lessons

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about marriage, it’s that if you adopt a monkey you should make sure to use a cage with a slotted bottom so their feces fall between the bars and into some kind of waste trough. This will prevent a lot of trouble in the future, because if the monkey gets agitated it won’t be able to throw its own poop, and you can avoid a lot of costly dry cleaning bills.


  1. Orchard P Dirk

    Well, I wouldn’t deny what you have learned about marriage and monkeys because it is not fun to clean up monkey poop and it would be a difficult task to split up the chore of cleaning up the monkey poop with one’s husband, who could get tired of cleaning up these kinds of messes, as well as you could.

    But i love the picture of the very tiny dog in the sandwich because he just looks like a darling friend and that is something that you have which is so very special. So thank you also for visiting my site because I too have a picture of an animal in my profile, but it is not a dog, and yours is certainly very cute.

  2. Mars

    In case you’re looking for a logical explanation, there isn’t one, but what I can tell you is this.

    A friend of a friend, whose parents apparently had a rough divorce, said “If there’s one thing I’ve learned about marriage, it’s that you should keep separate bank accounts so that neither of you get screwed over.”

    I reacted with the above statement.

  3. Anonymous

    After one day learning that my father had sold my mother’s wedding ring for a quick fix, I can say that separate bank accounts are the shit. You split the shared bills like rent and utilities, and stuff you want for yourself comes from your own wallet. No hurt feelings, no getting screwed. Here here.

    ~ Jon

  4. The Good Reverend

    Mrs. Good Reverend and I have three checking accounts–one for each of us, and one joint one for rent and utilities and groceries and such, into which we each always put an equal amount of dough. So damn organized!

  5. brooke

    when i was in england, visiting my SO, i discovered that the SO wanted a monkey. i told him, no way, they’ll throw feces at you. and he responded that he’d train him to throw feces at *me* specifically. it appears he has no problem with the monkey taking a dump…but what about me DUMPING him?! ahah

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