Any Time At All

As many of you may be aware, it is my greatest wish that I could have a video camera and voice recorder with me wherever I go, recording everything I see and hear.
Why, you ask? Personal entertainment.
Not blackmail, exactly, as I wouldn’t wish bad things on (the majority of) people who I interact with regularly. I would just really enjoy recording quotes out of context, and creating a movie of all the ridiculous things I have heard over my lifetime. Here’s an example.

Person A: Is there any other reason that not using a condom would be bad, aside from STDs and pregnancy?
Person B: Hmmm… (thinking) well, if you have a yeast infection, you can pass it on to your partner…
Person A: Eww… anything besides that?
Person B: Well then… No, nothing bad can come from not using a condom.

The bolded indicated a fantastic out of context quote just waiting to be recorded.
Here’s another example

Person C: (attempts to kiss person D)
Person D: (laughing uncontrollably) Ha ha ha ha ha… I’m too silly to kiss you right now.
Person C: I am going to kiss you whether you’re silly or not

And now, with dubbing
Person C: I am going to [fuck] you whether you [like it] or not.

The possibilities are limitless, really. In the meanwhile… I’ll be writing it down, the old fashioned way.


One comment

  1. Anonymous

    Haha! Rather erotic conent here. I’ll let you record me saying that sometime if you want. 😀 I’m a guy – what dirty thing wouldn’t I say? Geez, with dubbing though you sure could do some blackmailing!

    ~ Jon

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